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School Mission

Our school visions are the following:


1. Harmony-    To create a friendly campus

2. Ambition-     To motionate students to aim high

3. Creativity-    To encourage students to reach their different potential

4. Gratitude-    To educate students to be grateful and compassionate


School Emblem

The emblem for Fu-Sing Elementary School is an image of a tree, representing a happy learning and a healthy growing environment for students.


Principal’s Message

Our mission statement continually provides direction for our school. At Fu-Sing Elementary School, we believe that students are at the heart of the choices and decisions that we make on a daily basis. We strive to ensure that our students are safe, respected and happy members of our school community. When our students feel a positive connection to their school, they are ready to learn and achieve to the best of their ability.

Our challenge in assisting children to become life-long, responsible, independent learners is to: provide a safe, supportive and cooperative place of learning; celebrate our diversity and develop a climate of respect and love, encourage students to continuously strive for their personal best.

We believe that our parent community is an equally important part of the success of our students and school. We encourage parents to participate in the daily learning activities of their child by talking to their child about their learning and by using planners to openly communicate with their child's teacher. There are also many other opportunites for parents to connect with the school by attending sporting and musical events, student-led conferences.

Teachers’ professional development and teaching passion are strongly supported.

The teachers’ commitment, heart, and evident love and appreciation of their students was seen repeatedly throughout the school and witnessed in the genuine pride in student successes and the selfless giving of time to lend help when needed.

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